Hash Tag Twitter Silence

The following will contain awful spelling and grammar; and not just because I’m hungover but because its also being typed on my phone. Apologies in advance. 

#twittersilence has become an interestingly devisive issue. Is it good, is it bad? Is it letting the trolls win or showing them up as twats? Quite frankly, have they even noticed? Has anyone outside if our small right on lefty liberal bubble noticed? I don’t know. 
As I tweeted the other day, the issues that inspired this have something deeper behind them. We’re it not typed on my phone; I’d drop in some screen grabs here. As it is, here is a brief summary.
Rape threats are bad, but the mentality is worse. The thought that people out there know how much lasting damage rape causes (because they’d have to have thought about it to realise why a tape threat is just that, a threat) and still want to say these things? That’s a terrifying mentality.
I also feel that #twittersilence is an example of feminism gone wrong. Victim blaming tells us it was our fault (spoiler alert: it’s not, ever, wee your fault, no matter what they say). Feminism? Well Feminism tells us we’re big strong girls and boys who can look after ourselves.
The two often come together to make you ignore the fact you were just really, really unlucky to have your drink spiked, or that maybe they were bigger than you or threatened you or had a knife or any number of things. 
Another thing about #twittersilence. It’s not just women who are raped and threatened. It’s maybe a majority compared to a minority bit can we please not discount other people’s experiences?
Currently it seems to me however that people are using #twittersilence to bitch and fight. Which is really not the point at all.
Sod that, lets all do #twitternice and make the world a little brighter.
(Normally I’d post a link here to some rape crisis centres etc, but instead I will say two things. 1. If you think you’ve been raped then you have. No-one else is inside your head to know or dictate your feelings. 2. If you’re scared to google for help, chrome incognito can be accessed by control or command shift N, and leaves no browsing history)
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